Midnight Rush

12:53 AM: I’m lying in bed right now, trying so hard not to laugh out loud (I have a roommate who’s sleeping in the bed below me).

13 minutes ago, I sat straight up in bed, clambered down my ladder, put on my slippers, and sprinted around and out the wing to the front desk.

It was closed, after midnight.

As I walked back in disappointment, I saw Brecken peaking out from behind the wing door and ask, “Where are you going?”

She and Tia had been having a late night conversation in the hallway when I had frantically raced past them in my pajamas. They were genuinely concerned.

Earlier that day, Ashley had approached me and asked if I could make anything with her four bananas. That evening, we made four batches of chocolate chip banana muffins, half of them with┬ápeanut butter. They were heavenly, and everyone drooled as they walked by the kitchen. What utensils I couldn’t find at the front desk I borrowed from our friends in the apartment.

Clean up took a while, but I was finished by 11pm, everything returned. I was generous in sharing muffins with everyone who helped or donated supplies, including some who had just provided silly entertainment as I prepared the muffins.

I had been in bed for 10 minutes, mentally checking off tasks, and after verifying that everything was good to go for the next morning, I had allowed myself to drift off. But as my thoughts began to taper away, one thought pierced me: “You gave Emily’s muffin tin to the front desk!”


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